The Center for Hellenic Studies
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As part of its mission of bringing together a variety of research interests centered on Hellenic civilization and sharing them with a wider audience, the Center for Hellenic Studies publishes books, journals, proceedings of colloquia, discussions, databases, lectures, and other materials, both online and in print.


Online Books, Articles, and Sources
Complete electronic editions of titles from the CHS Hellenic Studies series, along with a selection of essays, lectures, and primary sources


Print Books
Monographs, collections, and proceedings of colloquia published in the Hellenic Studies series and The Milman Parry Collection.




An online journal of contemporary classical scholarship.
First Drafts@Classics@
Pre-print publication of especially creative scholarship.

apollo.jpg Homer and the Papyri

First created by Professor Dana Sutton of the University of California, Irvine, is here published in a second electronic edition, consisting of a fully searchable relational database of Homeric papyri.