Programs at the CHS

The Center for Hellenic Studies offers programs and experiences for an array of constituents from self-directed students of all ages to specialists in the field of classical studies.

unknown_2.jpg Student Programs
The CHS offers a wide variety of programs for students at its campus in Washington and at its unit in Nafplio, Greece including internships, workshops and seminars, research symposia and opportunities, archaeological initiatives, and study abroad.
bronzehorse.jpg Fellowships and Visiting Scholars Grants
The CHS offers various fellowships and visiting scholarships throughout the year to postdoctoral researchers. Financial support is available for professional travel, research expenses, and relocation expenses.
spearcarrier.jpg Faculty Development
Every summer, faculty members from institutions around the world come to the CHS to plan courses, collaborate, and learn from one another. In June, Sunoikisis faculty members gather to design advanced Greek and Latin courses. Homer Multitext faculty members meet in mid-summer to host a workshop teaching undergraduates how to read and parse the Venetus A manuscript. And, at the end of the summer, the Council of Independent Colleges sponsors a workshop entitled “Ancient Greece in the Modern College Classroom” designed for non-specialists.
apollo.jpg Self-Directed Study
Sunoikisis and HeroesX are two opportunities for self-directed study and lifelong learning. Each semester Sunoikisis offers different Greek, Latin, and reading-in-translation courses online. HeroesX is a survey of ancient Greek literature focusing on classical concepts of the hero and how they can inform our understanding of the human condition. For both initiatives, video conferencing, chat, forum discussions, and online course management software enable the participation of international students of all ages.