Sunoikisis is a national consortium of Classics programs. The curricular elements within Sunoikisis include inter-institutional collaborative courses, excavations, undergraduate research symposia, and faculty development seminars. The Center for Hellenic Studies provides the administrative and technological support for Sunoikisis.

Each semester Sunoikisis offers one Greek course and one Latin course, offered in cycles. The Sunoikisis faculty engage in seminars each June to develop these courses.

The cycle of Sunoikisis inter-institutional, team-taught literature courses makes creative use of technology to connect institutions. The use of video conferencing, chat, and online course management software enable the participation of students and faculty from throughout the country.

Each course consists of several elements: readings, online discussion, online common session, and meeting with a campus tutor. Readings and asynchronous online discussion precede and prepare for the weekly online common session. Local faculty and students also arrange meetings on individual campuses.

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