I offer my warmest thanks to Ryan Hackney, Casey Dué, and Christopher Dadian, to whom I am grateful for all their help in editing the final version of my text. I am also very grateful to Joycelyn Peyton, who created the index. I dedicate this book to my students, who inspire my research.
Cover illustration: close-up from the Venetus A showing the first five verses of the Iliad.


BA/BA2  =  Best of the Achaeans = N 1979/1999 [with new Introduction]
Esametro  =   Fantuzzi and Pretagostini 1996
GM  =   Greek Mythology and Poetics = N 1990b
GMZ  =  Grafton, Most, and Zetzel 1985
HQ  =   Homeric Questions = N 1996b
HR  =  Homeric Responses = N 2003a
IC  =   Janko 1998a
MHV  =   Parry 1971
N + year  =   Nagy, G. + year
OEI  =   Blackburn et al. 1989
PH  =   Pindar’s Homer  =  N 1990a
PP  =   Poetry as Performance  =  N 1996a
PR  =   Plato’s Rhapsody and Homer’s Music  =  N 2002a
VMK  =   Viermännerkommentar ‘four-man commentary’