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Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece Organization

The Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS GR) is administrated by an Executive Board. The Chairman of the Executive Board is Professor Gregory Nagy, Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University, and Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington, D.C., Vice Presidents of the Board are Ioannis Petropoulos, Professor in Classics, Democritus University of Thrace, and Director of the Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, and Richard Martin, Antony and Isabelle Raubitschek Professor in Classics, Stanford University.


Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece Personnel

Director:  Dr. Ioannis Petropoulos, Professor at the Department of Greek Philology, School of Classics and Humanities, Democritus University of Thrace

Associate Director: Dr. Anna Stavrakopoulou, Associate Professor at the Department of Theater, School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 

Executive Manager: Dr. Christos Giannopoulos

Administrative and Accounting Coordinator: Ms. Katerina Schinochoriti

Administrative and Accounting Assistant: Ms. Christina Kapetanou

Programs & Events Coordinator: Mr. Evangelos Katsarelis

Communications Coordinator and Programs Development: Ms. Matina Goga

Programs Coordinator: Ms. Marina Cheilitsi (Athens)

Content Editor and Programs Assistant: Ms. Christina Lafi (Thessaloniki)

IT Systems Administrator: Mr. Theodoros Karkoulis

Hospitality and Facilities: Ms. Fani Kapetaniou