High School Summer Program in Greece

Program Dates: July 11-26, 2019
Program Director: Nicolas Prevelakis, Lecturer in Harvard's Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Assistant Director of Curricular Development, CHS DC
Administrative support: CHS in Greece, Matina Goga, Curricular Development Manager

About the Program

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece High School Summer Program (HSSP) is an innovative program in English for talented high school students with passion for learning and a desire to excel.

Launched in 2012, the HSSP is an annual 16-day program held during the summer, after the Greek high school's examination period, at the CHS facility in Nafplio.

HSSP offers scholarships to high school students, from all disciplines, and thus the opportunity to spend more than two weeks at the CHS attending an intensive daily seminar on the topic of “Introduction to the Study of Humanity”, based on a course offered by the Committee on Degrees in Social Studies, Harvard University, and designed each year by Harvard Faculty and Teaching Fellows studying at Harvard, who are selected after careful evaluation of their applications in response to a call for interest.

During the seminar, the students from Greek high schools engage in a mixture of thought-provoking activities, such as the study of original philosophical and other texts, projects, field surveys, teleconferences, presentations, a volunteer activity, simulation games, a conference, etc., which enrich and broaden their educational horizons and cultivate their way of thinking, their knowledge and skills. Moreover, thanks to the help of the special educational advisor of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, Greek high students are able to explore the options and opportunities they have for continuing their studies in American institutions of higher education.

The five undergraduate students from Harvard acting as the HSSP Teaching Fellows work in cooperation with their professors, assembling course material as well as preparing every other activity related to the HSSP program. During the program, they coordinate its sessions and support students’ study hours, preparation and implementation of everyday tasks.

The HSSP is offered gratis for the participants from the Center for Hellenic Studies in cooperation with the Social Studies Department, Harvard University and it is addressed mainly to high school students from the Argolis region. Since 2014 the program expanded and accepts two students from the Arsakeia Schools, within the framework of the collaboration with the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning. In the summer of 2018 the HSSP opened outside Greece, and launched a new collaboration with the Odyssey Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware in the United States, offering a slot to an excellent student from that school.

In 2019, the HSSP will open beyond Argolis region in Greece for the first time. The slots will open from 18 to 20 and the Center for Hellenic Studies will offer scholarships for two senior high school students from schools of Western Attica, covering the students and their guards’ accommodation and daily expenses.

The Center in Greece continues to explore ways to open the HSSP program to even more students and regions of Greece and beyond.

“Introduction to the Study of Humanity”

This year, the seminar will be led by Dr. Nicolas Prevelakis (the Program’s Director and Lecturer in Harvard's Committee on Degrees in Social Studies and Assistant Director of Curricular Development, CHS DC), and five Teaching Fellows (students at Harvard University). It will introduce students to the foundations of the social sciences and will cover such topics as the different types of human societies, the factors that lead to social change, the relationship between morality and politics, and the role of nationalism, ethnicity, and religion in today’s world. The students will have the opportunity to experience an American college-level course, relying heavily on student participation, class discussion, writing assignments, independent research, and public presentations.

Students from the Argolis region, two students from the Arsakeia Schools, one student from the Odyssey Charter School, Wilmington, Delaware and for the first time, two students from Western Attica are currently eligible to participate in the program.

Each day will consist of three hours of class in the morning, followed by four hours of activities, lectures, and study sessions in the afternoon. Online sessions with Harvard scholars will be held occasionally. In addition to the seminar instructors, the students will have the opportunity to work closely with the five teaching fellows from Harvard University, who will provide them substantial help and guidance throughout the course as they prepare their assignments. The students, among others, will develop a research project, which they will present at the program’s closing event.

The course will be capped at 20 students in total, in order to assure close interaction among the students, professors, and teaching fellows.

Extra sessions will be dedicated to presentations about the American educational system by the Educational Advisor of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, and will provide students with information about educational opportunities and university application procedures.

The HSSP takes place at the CHS facility in Nafplio, where students can access Harvard’s online resources through the Digital Library of the Center.

Click here for additional information about the application procedure.

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