CHS & Visiting University Programs

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece welcomes universities and institutions from around the world that organize educational activities in Greece.

CHS GR focuses on providing the ideal working and academic environment to students and scholars, while sharing its experience and local network of organizations, local authorities, and every aspect of the city of Nafplio, and Greece that could prove beneficial to visiting programs and universities.

The CHS GR presence and the collaborations it establishes have proven central to the development of a strong academic and educational profile for Nafplio and the region at large, both through the programs with which the Center collaborates, as well as with programs which choose Nafplio as a venue for their activities precisely because of the Center’s presence and the broader academic activity around it.

CHS GR is already planning new partnerships for the coming years, aiming to attract even more educational programs and academic institutions in Nafplio.

If you wish to plan a visit or explore the opportunities of holding a program on the CHS GR premises, please complete this form: 


During the past few years the Center has established ongoing collaborations with institutions that visit Greece on an annual or a bi-annual basis. Participants’ age and academic background may vary, so as the timeline of each program; from a one-day visit or workshop to a full-month study program. Some of the visiting programs are:

University of Washington, Seattle, Study Abroad Program in Greece

The Study Abroad Program of the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington, Seattle, has been hosted by CHS for 4 years in a row. Led by Professors Tasos Lagos and Nektaria Klapaki, the approximately 30 participants study for about 2 weeks in March (Spring Program) and 5 weeks in August (Summer Program) the movement of populations through the perspective of immigration and tourism in Greece. Four alumni from the summer programs of the CHS serve since 2016 as local coordinators of this program, organizing activities and bringing the program’s group in contact with local institutions and experts from the region. For more information, visit the program’s website

Michigan University, Summer Program in Greece

A study abroad educational program of Michigan State University under the title “Business Law, Ethics, and Sustainability in an Emerging Global Marketplace” visits the Center since 2017. The program focuses on the impact of economic, political/legal, social, and cultural factors on theory and practice of business administration. CHS hosts for more than a week a team of about 20 students led by Harilaos Sorovigas, (Professor of Practice, Department of Finance), who use the Center’s premises for their sessions. For more information, visit the program’s website.

Rutgers University, Study Abroad Program in Greece

The program “Lifestyles of the Mediterranean” is a study abroad program of the Department of Kinesiology and Health of Rutgers University, aiming to familiarize both undergraduate and graduate students with the holistic concept of the Mediterranean lifestyle and culture through a 2-week experiential learning course in Greece. Professor Labros Sidossis leading a team of approximately 25 participants visit the Center every January and May to use the Lecture Hall for their classes. For more information, visit the program’s website.

Duke University, Summer Program in Greece

Duke University, Department of Philosophy and Education Office for Undergraduates offer an integrated course of study combining in-depth tours of the important sites and museums in various regions of Greece, with close reading and discussion of key ancient philosophical texts. This program has been hosted for five consecutive years since 2013 on the CHS GR premises and on a two-day visit basis using the Lecture Hall for their classes and the Digital Library for their research. For more information, visit the program’s website

College of William and Mary, Summer Program in Greece

The Summer Program in Greece of the College of William and Mary, Department of Classical Studies visits biannually the Center since 2013 on a weeklong visit basis. Led by Professor Vassiliki Panoussi, a group of about fifteen undergraduates uses the CHS Lecture Hall and the Digital Library, visits archaeological sites, and studies monuments and works of art of classical antiquity in their original setting. For more information, visit the program’s website.


During the past few years the Center has collaborated with many other institutions such as Queens University of Charlotte (2018), American Farm School of Thessaloniki (2018), University of Ioannina, Summer School (2015-2018), Boston University (2015-2017), Columbia University (2017), Dartmouth University (2017), University of Minas Gerais (2017), University of Western Ontario (2016), Massachusetts Public Schools in cooperation with Brandeis University (2011-2016), Louisiana University (biannually since 2013), University of Gothenburg (2013), Colorado College (2012), Taliesin-the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture (2012), Saint Joseph’s University (2009-2010), University of Maryland (2008-2010), University of the Peloponnese (since 2010), College of the Holy Cross (2009), Tufts University (2009), University of Wisconsin (2009), and many more. It is worth mentioning that among programs addressed to students, the Center has also hosted a Princeton-led writing workshop (2016) on the “Postclassicism” book, co-authored by nine classics professors.

CHS GR looks forward to welcoming participants, new and old, from Greece and all around the world.