CHS & the Municipality of Nafplio

CHS even before its official inauguration in 2008 received a great support from the Municipality of Nafplio in all aspects of organization and communication with local authorities. Since then and up until today, both CHS and the Municipality continue and contribute to a productive and multilevel cooperation.

CHS GR cooperates not only with the Municipality of Nafplio but with all the Municipalities of the Argolid, as well as the regional government of the Peloponnese, and has contributed in many cultural events and educational activities, while the local authorities as well as the Municipalities support many of the Center’s activities and programs. It is worth mentioning that the CHS GR annual Events Series was organized in cooperation with all the Municipalities of the Argolid until 2016.

Cooperation with local authorities and the broader community is an important part of the Center’s mission and the CHS GR promotes the development of these partnerships in order to generate new activities and offer more opportunities to the local educational community and the wider public.

Past Joint Events

CHS GR and the Municipality of Nafplio collaborate since 2008 in the organization of many cultural and educational events, beyond their ongoing collaboration over the years on certain events of the CHS GR Events Series.

Nafplio Marathon

Since March 2014, CHS GR participates in the Organizing Committee of the annual Marathon Race organized by the Municipality of Nafplio in cooperation with the Regional Administration of the Peloponnese, and the Athletic Federation of Greece (SEGAS). Moreover, the Marathon is under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture (Secretariat of Sports). CHS GR contributes to the overall planning of the Marathon Race and especially to its educational impact with an event co-organized by CHS and the Municipality, and with hosting one of the press conferences of the Marathon on the CHS GR premises, as well as contributing to the promotion of the Marathon broadly through its social media outlets.

Lectures on the occasion of the Nafplio Marathon

On March 4, 2017, on the occasion of the fourth Nafplio Marathon, the invited speakers Giorgos Mavrotas (former captain of the national polo team, Associate Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, and MP of the Attica district) spoke about “The big School of Sports” and Dimitris Theodorakakos (Marathon and trail running champion) on “Become better by running: in the city, in nature, ‘beyond limits.’”

On March 4, 2016, Charilaos Tsolakis, University of Athens, Yiannis Tsekouras, PhD in Exercise Biochemistry, and Periklis Iakovakis, World Champion in Athletics, gave a lecture on “Sport in Greece today. Championship or mass participation? Opposite or complementary concepts?”

On March 14, 2015, Charles Stocking, University of Western Ontario, and Demosthenes Tampakos, Olympic Games gold medalist, spoke on “Beyond the Body: A Brief History of the Marathon, Ancient and Modern.”

On March 22, 2014, Lucia Athanassaki, University of Crete, gave a lecture in the Vouleftiko Hall in Nafplio on the battle of Marathon and ancient legends about the first ‘marathon runner’.

In March 2016, CHS GR' entire team offered its support on the third Nafplio Marathon by joining the team of volunteers and helping in the implementation of the Marathon activities. In 2017, the CHS GR volunteer team expanded with the participation of CHS GR program alumni.

Moreover, CHS also supported the Nafplio Castle Run, which was organized by the Municipality on November 29, 2015 and again on November 27, 2016.

150th anniversary of the Nafplio Revolution

In October 2012 the Municipality of Nafplio and the Municipal Organization of Culture, Environment, Sports and Tourism (DOPPAT) organized a very successful symposium marking the 150th anniversary of the Nafplio Revolution. This was the last of a series of related events organized in 2012. CHS GR was a member of the organizing committee of Events, and supported the celebration in additional ways, while CHS GR Director, Professor Ioannis Petropoulos, co-chaired in one of the symposiums sessions.


The Municipality of Nafplio has offered its auspices and support in a number of activities co-organized by CHS GR and other institutions of the city of Nafplio and the broader Argolis region.

  • The Municipality of Nafplio, in cooperation with the Legal Person Ioannis Kapodistrias Foundation and DOPPAT, organizes annually an extensive series of events to commemorate the first governor of Greece, Ioannis Kapodistrias, on the anniversary of his assassination. On this occasion, in September 2017, the CHS GR hosted the educational seminar "Presentation of the Greek Parliament's Library Exhibition: ‘Ioannis Kapodistrias: His Course in Time’." The exhibition curator and historian, Ms. Aggeliki Karapanou, presented the rationale of the exhibition, as well as the accompanying educational programs that were drawn up, for educators of primary and higher education in the prefecture of Argolis.

  • In May 2017 CHS GR was invited by the Municipality of Nafplio and participated along with cultural and various other institutions of the city at the major annual HELEXPO tourism exhibition, where Nafplio was the honored Municipality of the exhibition.

  • In the context of the medical conference under the direction of the Harvard Professor of Medicine Christos Mantzoros, the Municipality of Nafplio, CHS GR, and the organizing committee of the conference co-organized a cultural event in September 2016. Walter Puchnner, Emeritus Professor at the University of Athens and Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, spoke on “Traditions and perspectives of culture. The uniqueness of Greece”. Physician Vivian Daglas, a soprano, accompanied by pianist Theolena Piki, closed the event with a performance of songs by Manos Hadjidakis.

  • In April 2016, the Municipality of Nafplio, and DOPPAT, joined forces with the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese and the Center, for the 1st Panhellenic Symposium for Authors from the Argolid: “Argolid, the place of co-writing”. Alongside other major events, the Municipality of Nafplio organized an art exhibition with paintings and manuscripts of the famous poet Nikos Karouzos (the private collection of Georgios and Christina Xenou).

  • The Municipality, in cooperation with the Ioannis Kapodistrias Foundation and the National Hellenic Research Foundation, co-organized a conference on “Venetian Nafplio” in October 2015. CHS colleagues translated the texts for the exhibition held in the Nafplio War Museum; CHS GR Director, Professor Ioannis Petropoulos chaired the closing session of the conference on Sunday, October 11.

  • In July 2015, the Municipality of Nafplio gave its auspices for the “Poetry Evening” event co-organized with the Fougaro Cultural Complex, where awarded British poets, winners of the “Michael Marks Award for Poetry Pamphlets” competition, and poets from the Argolid recited and spoke of their works to a rapt audience.

  • In May 2015, CHS GR, the Municipality of Nafplio, and DOPPAT, co-organized a creative writing workshop, moderated by the writer Stratis Haviaras and the award-winning novelist Marty Lambrou. The workshop was open to the public, especially its younger members. Mr. Haviaras’ lecture, entitled “Introduction to the Art of Writing”, covered all genres (short story, novel, poetry and essay).