CHS & the Fulbright Foundation in Greece

In 2013 CHS initiated a significant cooperation with the Fulbright Foundation in Greece. This cooperation embraces activities where students or educators have the opportunity to listen to Fulbright representatives present information and open up new horizons about studies in the U.S. and stay informed with announcements of programs, activities, scholarships, etc. from both organizations.


CHS programs and Fulbright

Since 2013, Nicholas Tourides, the Educational Advisor and the American Program Coordinator for the Foundation, is invited every year at the Center’s High School Summer Program in order to inform the students about the American educational system, studies in the U.S. as well as scholarship opportunities for Greek students, who are interested in continuing their studies in the United States of America–in an undergraduate or graduate level.

Additionally, participants of the CHS Summer Internship Program meet during their internships with Fulbright representatives and advisors in order to explore, with their help, opportunities for graduate studies abroad. In 2015, interns visited Art Athina where they met with fulbrighters, discussed about their experiences and listened to their advice, while in 2013, Fulbright Fellow, Professor Kathleen Taylor, Saint Mary’s College of California, visited Nafplio and organized a workshop for the interns on the topic of Adult Development and Learning and Education.


CHS and Fulbright in collaboration with other institutions

The Center for Hellenic Studies and the Fulbright Foundation in Greece organize in collaboration with other institutions as well, seminars or day events in which they share information with Greek educators and/or students about program opportunities with the CHS, the U.S. educational system and scholarships, for undergraduate and graduate studies, research and training in the U.S. Such institutions include the Office of Secondary Education of the Argolid in 2013 and 2014 with seminars addressed to educators and students, the Counseling and Educational Orientation Center (Greek acronym: ΚΕΣΥΠ) of the Argolid Office of Secondary Education, and the University of Peloponnese.

Students from the University of the Peloponnese attended a day conference organized by the university in 2015, where a CHS representative introduced students and faculty to the programs and activities of the Center for Hellenic Studies while the Fulbright Foundation’s representative presented postgraduate studies and scholarships in the U.S. as well as Greek-U.S. academic exchanges. Furthermore, CHS GR was the liaison between the Fulbright Foundation of Greece and the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Peloponnese in 2016. On the occasion of the 1st Panhellenic Symposium for Authors from the Argolid “Argolid, the place of co-writing”, which was held under the auspices of CHS GR, Rob Roznowski, Scholar of the Fulbright Foundation in Greece, Associate Professor of Acting, Artistic Director and Head of Acting and Directing at Michigan State University, gave a lecture on the topic of “Playwriting”. You can learn more about the Symposium here.


The aforementioned activities are already part of the CHS and Fulbright annual common agenda and both organizations are constantly looking for new ways and activities to enrich it.