Programs in Greece

The Center for Hellenic Studies offers opportunities to students from Harvard as well as other academic institutions from all over the world to visit and study in Greece. Additionally, there are multiple programs for Greek universities’ junior faculty members, high school students, researchers, alumni and life-long learners that offer them opportunities to conduct research and study in Greece. ‘Megaron Iatrou’, where the Center is housed, becomes the nexus of intercultural meetings, and hosts part or the whole of the programs.

The Center offers every academic year more than 20 scholarships to the participant students from Harvard, and other academic institutions around the world, and to students from Greek Universities and Greek high schools. Participants’ selection is executed by each Program’s Director, the teams of instructors as well as experienced administrators from Harvard and the Center’s offices in Washington DC and Greece.

The Center in Greece also supports research on Hellenic culture with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. Following the successful Fellowships program running ever since 1961 in Washington, DC, and in an effort to encourage and promote research in Greece, CHS brings research opportunities to junior faculty members and to individual researchers, aiming to build a strong network of fellows that will enhance and support the academic profile of the country.

CHS in Greece is most appreciative of the kind support of the Municipalities of Nafplio, Argos – Mycenae, Epidaurus and Ermionida, and the Periphery of the Peloponnese. Local authorities welcome all visitors from the U.S. and other parts of the world every year, and their support to the programs, offers the opportunity to the visiting students, faculty, and learners, to understand our significant cultural heritage and the beauties of our region better.

Study Abroad Mission

The Center for Hellenic Studies, through the programs it offers, organizes and hosts, aims to serve the Study Abroad Mission, as described in the Harvard Summer School, 2018 Study Abroad Programs, Faculty Handbook:

  • To provide a rigorous academic experience for students, in keeping with Harvard’s standards of academic excellence.

  • To expand study abroad opportunities across all academic disciplines, from languages and culture to the social and natural sciences, including cross-disciplinary study.

  • To provide students with a special opportunity to immerse themselves in a different society, gaining new perspectives on their own and other cultures.

  • To contribute to students’ personal development by helping them gain a greater sense of self-reliance and confidence in their ability to interact with cultures other than their own.

  • To provide a safe and structured environment for this development.

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