Program “Introduction to Digital Resources for Knowledge: The Digital Library of the CHS GR”

CHS DL 003The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, within the framework of planning and implementing programs, has developed the digital library program, a program addressed to primary and secondary education students. The program can be easily adjusted to the educational level and needs of the attending students.

The scope of the program, which was launched in 2010, is for students to become better acquainted with the structure, content and the way a digital library functions as well as contemporary methods used in technology for the production, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge from academic institutions, such as Harvard University. During their visit to the Center for Hellenic Studies, students and their professors have the opportunity to become familiarized with the Center’s Digital Library, a virtual portal allowing access to data bases that form the Harvard online library system, while attending practical examples of research in the Digital Library’s databases. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to learn about important open-access online tools and digital repositories that Harvard as well as other Universities offer in order to support research and studies. Last but not least, the participants experience a short introduction to Harvard University as well as a short presentation of the activities and objectives of the Center for Hellenic Studies.

The duration of the program ranges from 45 to 60 minutes depending on the students' interest and feedback.

High school students can attend a more specialized cycle entitled “Introduction to Digital Resources for Knowledge: Part II. The Use of Digital Resources by Young Researchers” during which the participants are introduced to the research methodology of a digital library, more specialized techniques for research, assessment and citation of the digital resources, useful for their scientific projects.

Arrange a visit

Visits are free of charge and appointments will be arranged with and coordinated by Ms. Matina Goga, CHS GR Curricular Development Manager.

If you wish to visit the Center for Hellenic Studies and attend the Digital Library Program, you are kindly requested to submit the following form:

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For further queries, please contact us at +30 27520 47030 ext. 1.