Greek Schools and US Charter Schools Collaboration Program

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS GR) in cooperation with the Office of Education of the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C., and Primary and Secondary Education schools of the Argolis, runs the Greek and US Charter Schools Collaboration Program. Launched in 2009, the scope of this program is to interconnect Greek schools of the Argolis region and the Charter schools of the Eastern Coast of the United States, thus building bridges of communication, while establishing educational and cultural exchanges between schools, teachers, and students from the two continents.

This innovative project also constitutes a component of the curriculum of the Charter schools: Modern Greek language. Modern Greek is being taught as a second language in the partner Charter schools, while Math is also instructed in Greek.


What the program involves

The communication between Greek and Charter schools is facilitated with the use of Information Technology tools coordinated by the CHS. Several teleconferences took and continue to take place in the Lecture Hall of CHS GR during the past few years, aiming to facilitate the communication, and cultivate relations between the Greek and American schools. Continuous communication between educators from both continents results in exchange of ideas and educational resources and enables collaborative parties to explore the prospects for developing common projects and joint intercultural activities between the schools.

The CHS continues to support the collaborations between the schools of the two continents, while it is hoping for more schools’ and instructors’ involvement in this productive network of communication.    



For more information please contact Ms. Matina Goga, CHS GR Communications Coordinator and Programs Development, through telephone (+30 27520 47040, Nafplio, Greece) and/or email matina.goga(at)