Alumni & Comments

Since 2002, more than 320 students have participated from, among other countries, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, England, France, Ireland, Peru, the Philippines, Romania, Russia, and Turkey, and from institutions as wide-ranging as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Georgetown and Stanford; the Universities of Athens, Ioannina, Patras and Thessaloniki in Greece; UCL, KCL, Oxford and Cambridge Universities; the American University in Bulgaria; and Sabanci and Bogazici Universities in Turkey, Fudan and Peking Universities in China. Please find below the names of the latest alumni in the program.


  1. Abel Berhan (Harvard)
  2. Alyssa Salinas (Harvard)
  3. Amanda Stetz (Harvard)
  4. Brooke Martin (Harvard)
  5. Chun Liu (Fudan University)
  6. Cindy Liu (Harvard)
  7. Faith Ng (Harvard)
  8. Gasim Gasimzada (Harvard Extension School)
  9. Hannah McLaughlin (Harvard)
  10. Ian Chan (Harvard)
  11. Laura Tsai (Harvard)
  12. Lilian Poulida (University of Patras)
  13. Nancy Wenxin Hu (University of Patras)
  14. Sohan Kancherla (Harvard)
  15. Thyra Altunin (Pittsburgh University)
  16. Vivian Platanou (University of Patras)
  17. Zihao Wu (Fudan University)


  1. Audrey Pettner (Harvard)
  2. Benjamin Roy (Harvard)
  3. Changhuan (Myriadne) Wang (Fudan University)
  4. Christina Kerner (Harvard)
  5. Eleonora Colli (KCL)
  6. Grace Chang (Harvard)
  7. Henry Dowling (Harvard)
  8. Jillian Sharples (Harvard)
  9. Konstantinos Gkotsopoulos (University of Patras)
  10. Lincoln Herrington (Harvard)
  11. Natalie Chu (UCL)
  12. Paul Tamburro (Harvard)
  13. Roshni Chakraborty (Harvard)
  14. Samantha Hand (Harvard)
  15. Taylor Whitsell (Harvard)
  16. Yafan Zhu (Fudan University)
  17. Yuri-Grace Ohashi (Harvard)
  18. Zacharoula Petraki (University of Patras)
  19. Zhuohan (Mike) Shao (Harvard)


  1. Aranza Caballero (Harvard)
  2. Alexa Caban (Harvard)
  3. Lydia Cawley (Harvard)
  4. Amy Danoff (Harvard)
  5. Caroline Diggins (Harvard)
  6. Kristen Hong (Harvard)
  7. Jasmin Liu (Harvard)
  8. Farris Peale (Harvard)
  9. Meredith Pong (Harvard)
  10. Ila Shon (Harvard)
  11. Christina Beros (NYU)
  12. Natalie Mathes (George Washington University)
  13. Vivia Panagiotopoulou (University of Patras)
  14. Konstantina Tsakou (University of Patras)
  15. Jiaqi Zhu (Fudan University)
  16. Anastasia Kourentzi (University of Patras)
  17. Kevin Gordon (Harvard)
  18. George Haglund (Harvard)
  19. James McIntyre (Harvard)
  20. Arjun Mirani (Harvard)
  21. Bruno Moguel Gallegos (Harvard)
  22. Jonathan Paek (Harvard)
  23. Alejandro Quintana (Harvard)
  24. Matthew Rodriguez (Harvard)
  25. Joseph Valente (Harvard)


“Any student can get a lot of this program even if you aren’t a humanities concentrator.”

“If you get in it will be one of the best experiences of your entire life.”

“It’s been great, Greece. The most wonderful five weeks I’ve ever spent and far far better than anything I’d ever imagined before leaving the US. I’ll be back!”

“I wanted to write and thank all of you for the wonderful experience that was the 2004 Harvard Summer Program in Olympia. Each of you were responsible for making some amazing material come alive every week and for letting us—such a motley crew of people—really have a coherent identity about ourselves and about the stuff we were learning about. I believe I echo a unanimous sentiment when I say that each of us took away something from Olympia that was unique and intensely personal and enriching, be it an appreciation for the classics or Greek sculpture and poetry, a better understanding of the Balkans or of the imperial and urban encounter, or just a compendium of Greek swear words, pet rocks, sand, and Mediterranean salt. Congratulations to all of you for organizing a fun and highly educational program. It was fabulous.”

“This summer in Greece was an amazing, truly enriching experience for all of us! In me, it inspired a whole new horizon of thoughts on my own subject, the Classics, but also on a huge range of other issues, such as the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, modern imperialism, and Mediterranean mentality. Most of all, though, I learned about this wonderful, richly historical country, Greece, and built up a really personal connection to it. The many wonderful individuals I got to meet and know really well in the course of the program – such as my fantastic Greek roommate – left a lasting impression on me too, and I will certainly keep cherishing the many memories we share. I know I will look back to this summer in Greece countless times with joy and infinite gratitude. Thank you so much to the faculty and organizers for allowing me to take part in this wonderful program!”

“The quality of the teaching staff was impressive, and the interaction among the students was conducive to a healthy and open-ended appraisal and discussion of ancient Greece, early modern Europe, and the modernist and postmodernist movements. . . I hope this program continues and grows!”

“I enjoyed the exposure to an amazingly broad spectrum of talented students and faculty as well as the privilege of studying in an invigorating atmosphere and picturesque surroundings.”

“The place is absolutely fabulous, it sets the feel for the rest of the program. The students are better than anything I could have imagined or hoped for!”

“The program was perfect. Each of our professors taught us in a completely different, but very interesting and creative, way. They not only improved our knowledge, but also encouraged us to think creatively.”

“Having students from all over the world was the most rewarding experience ever. I believe that education took place outside the classroom as well as inside, mainly because of the different perceptions each student had.”

“The excursions were wonderful. They add another dimension to the program – adding a sense of geographical or historical weight or meaning. They were well- organized. Delphi was my favorite.”

“Great work, thank you very much! The idea of the program is wonderful, its quality startling and I hope it will grow up rich and strong.”

“Thank you all for a wonderful summer, and for the fantastic opportunities the programme’s scholarship afforded me. Thank you for having the vision to establish it, and the tenacity to see it grow and flourish over the years. You should be very proud of what you’ve done: the courses were, all of them, fascinating, intellectually-stimulating, very well organised, and cleverly drawn together; and, perhaps even more importantly, you kept a group of students with diverse interests totally engaged throughout. The sheer effort that went into managing a programme that long, large, and busy – with all of its assorted guest speakers and excursions – was very clear to all of us, and greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you for making this an experience of a lifetime.”

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