Editors’ Note

In reproducing the text(s) of the new epigrams preserved by P.Mil.Vogl. VIII 309 the editors have chosen to retain the lunate sigma and iota adscript of the papyrus. Given that the text(s) of these epigrams is still undergoing substantial revision through new reading and supplementation at the time this volume goes to press, we felt it best to represent the poems on the printed page as they are preserved in the papyrus. For all other Greek texts, including the earlier known epigrams of Posidippus, we have followed the conventions of standard editions. For the most part we have preferred to use Latinized spellings in transliterating Greek names, and in translation of Greek text.
In the interest of uniformity all epigrams attributed to Posidippus are given with the numeration of the 2002 Austin/Bastianini edition (the editio minor); where individual contributors cite a different text, they note this. The pre-Milan epigrams are given with both AB and GP (or SH) numbers.
Translations given in individual articles are the authors’ own unless otherwise noted.