For the Directors and Fellows of the CHS 2001–2002 with gratitude and affection.


Gregory Nagy
Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies, located in the city of Washington, D.C., brings together a variety of research and teaching interests centering on Hellenic civilization in the widest sense of the term “Hellenic,” encompassing the evolution of the Greek language and its culture as a central point of contact for all the different civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean world.
Labored in Papyrus Leaves, edited by Benjamin Acosta-Hughes, Elizabeth Kosmetatou, and Manuel Baumbach, is part of a new monograph series, “Hellenic Studies.” The title of the series reflects the humanistic breadth of the enterprise.
The present collection of contributions exemplifies the diversity and the topicality of the series. The editors, who were also the prime organizers of the original colloquium that brought together the contributors, have integrated a wide variety of approaches and interests in focusing on the new Posidippus Papyrus. A careful reading of this monograph leads to a deeper understanding of the “state of the art” in confronting the inherent problems of poetics and authorship in Hellenistic poetry.