Sports Society and Culture

To Bring Back Victory: Local and Global Aspects of Ancient Athletics and the Modern Olympics

Fifth International Scholars’ Symposium
July 9–July 13, 2016
Ancient Olympia, Greece

Conference Program


  Arrival of Lecturers and Participants in Athens
9:00am Departure of Participants from the Panathenaic Stadium, Athens, to Ancient Olympia
2-5:00pm Registrations
6:00pm  Opening Ceremony
6:15pm  Address by the President of the IOA, Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos
6:30pm  Address by Professor Gregory Nagy and Opening of the Symposium

 10 JULY

  Session 1: Charles Stocking, Moderator
9:00am Gregory Nagy, "The symbolism of a reference to a local athletic festival in the Alcestis of Euripides" (View Abstract)
10:00am Maša Culumovic, "The myth of origin from a local and panhellenic perspective in Pindar's Olympian 9" (View Abstract)
11:00am  Coffee Break
11:30am Zacharoula Petraki, "Olympic victors, athletes, and citizenship in Plato" (View Abstract)
12:30pm End of First Session
1:00pm Lunch
4:30pm Workshops

11 JULY 

9:00am Visit to the Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Olympia
1:00pm Lunch
   Session 2: Stamatia Dova, Moderator
 4:30pm  Ioannis Petropoulos, "Victory and its Discontents: Is it worth competing for a ‘bit of celery or olive or pine’?" (View Abstract)
 5:30pm  Catherine Pratt, "The Embodied Economy of Victory: Oil and the Panathenaic Amphora" (View Abstract)
6:30pm  End of Second Session

 12 JULY

  Session 3: Maša Culumovic, Moderator
9:00am Paul Christesen, "Athletics and 'Glocalization,' Ancient and Modern" (View Abstract)
10:00am Charles Stocking, "The Uses of Universal Hellenism: Aesthetics in the Ancient and Modern Olympics" (View Abstract)
11:00am  Coffee Break
11:30am Stamatia Dova, "Locality, Epiphany, and the Magic of Olympia in Palamas' Pindar" (View Abstract)
12:30pm End of Third Session
1:00pm Lunch
4:30pm Workshops


9:00am Summaries of Presentations / Roundtable Discussion
10:30am Gregory Nagy, Presentation of the Conclusions of the Workshops
11:00am Mr Isidoros Kouvelos President of the IOA. Address and Closing of the Symposium
1:00pm Departure to Athens

*The duration of the lectures is indicative, and includes time for discussion. The language of the proceedings is English.

** During the workshops, emphasis will be added on the ongoing dialogue between ancient and modern, on how these concepts compete and interact. Lecturers and participants are encouraged to enrich and elaborate on the dialectic relationship between the two.