Fellowships in Hellenic Studies

Early Career Fellowships in Hellenic Studies in Greece and Cyprus

This new research fellowship program entitled “Early Career Fellowships in Hellenic Studies in Greece and Cyprus” was launched by the Center for Hellenic Studies in October 2019. The program aims to support early career postdoctoral researchers whose work requires continued access to material on site, such as archives, archaeological sites, artifacts, etc. Addressed to citizens or permanent residents of Greece or Cyprus, the program is offered by Harvard’s CHS in Washington DC and supported administratively and logistically by the University’s CHS in Greece.

You can find more information on the program’s webpage.

CHS Fellowships in Hellenic Studies

Since its establishment, CHS DC awards fellowships to researchers whose projects concern ancient Greek civilization and its influence. The proposed research project may be approached through many disciplines, including area and ethnic studies, anthropology, archaeology, art history, education, history, literary criticism, the natural and physical sciences, philology, philosophy, political science, religious studies, sociology, etc, as well as related subfields. For fellows conducting part of their research in Greece, the CHS in Greece will provide administrative support.

For further information, visit the program’s webpage.