Events Series

An integral part of the Center’s outreach is the annual Events Series. The Events Series, one of the longest-running CHS GR activities, addresses the local community of the Argolis region and Greece in general, through a series of lectures, as well as exhibitions, performances and presentations. The Events Series initiative has become a point of reference for the cultural life of the local community through the years.


 Events Series 2017

The 2017 Events Series will be devoted to “Societies in crisis: economy, politics, culture.” This year’s cycle will include 7 lectures that will begin on December 14, 2016 and continue through June 2017. Four lectures will take place in Nafplio, one in Argos, one in Ligourio and one in Thessaloniki.

These lectures will feature historical examples of economic, political or cultural crisis in societies established in the wider Greek world from antiquity to the present day. The timelessness of the topic and its various manifestations indicate that the "crisis" is a recurring, and yet ever-changing phenomenon of societies. Distinguished speakers from Greece and abroad will analyze aspects of this phenomenon, with the assistance of their respondents, and will help us thus understand its causes and historical perspectives.

The program of the Events Series is usually announced in November, and the events’ annual cycle ends in June. Please find here the full 2017 Events Series program.

CHS GR, for the first time after the launch of the Events Series in 2008, shares videos of the Series lectures through its website. The 2017 Events Series recordings and discussions are available here.


Organization and collaborating institutions

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Since 2012 the Center is organizing part of of its Events Series in cooperation with all the Municipalities of the Argolis region (Nafplio, Argos-Mycenae, Ermionida, Epidaurus) with lectures taking place in Nafplio as well as Argos, Kranidi, and Ligourio. Moreover, the Center cooperates every year with several institutions on the planning and realization of the events, such as the Society for the Promotion of Education and Learning (SPEL), the Department of Theater Studies, University of the Peloponnese, the Harvard Club of Greece. Since 2016, CHS GR, aiming to the expansion of the Events Series and its gradual geographic enlargement, launched collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki concerning the completion of an event within the Museum.

Since 2014, guest respondents also participate in the events, and briefly comment on the main lectures.


Past speakers

The Center has had the honor since 2008 to include in the series’ a plethora of distinguished speakers, mostly faculty from Greek and international institutions. Among others, we have been pleased to host, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware of Oxford University, renowned Archaeologist Stephen Miller of University of California at Berkeley, Richard Hunter of University of Cambridge, Aggelos Chaniotis of Princeton University, Thanasis Valtinos of Academy of Athens, Josiah Ober of Stanford University, Georgios Babiniotis of University of Athens), and many more. Click here to download a detailed list of past Events Series programs.



For additional information please contact Mr. Evangelos Katsarelis, CHS GR Programs & Events Coordinator, through telephone (+30 27520 47033 and +30 27520 47030, Nafplio, Greece) and/or email ekatsarelis(at)