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Events Series Videos

CHS GR shares entire lectures with the community through its website. Events Series recorded presentations and discussions are available below. Each video becomes available shortly after the respective event.

The language of each lecture is either English or Greek as indicated.

2018 Events Series

Prokopios Pavlopoulos (in Greek)
Michael Møller (in English)

Filippomaria Pontani (in Greek)
Maria Efthymiou (in Greek)

Despina Sanoudou (in Greek)
Edith Hall (in English)

Dimiter Angelov
No video available ~ Unpublished research presented during the lecture

2017 Events Series

Tonia Kiousopoulou (in Greek)
Kostas Buraselis (in Greek)

Theodore Pelagidis (in Greek)
Yiorgis Yiatromanolakis (in Greek)

Alicia Stallings (in English)
Gregory Nagy (in English)

Nikos Alivizatos (in Greek)