Many individuals deserve thanks for helping me produce this work, some for their great personal support, some for intellectual support, and many for both. First I must thank Jessica, my wife, for her unflagging encouragement and for the patience that she showed during my many late nights and weekends in the office. I also owe a great debt of gratitude to friends and mentors who read and critiqued this work throughout its many stages. I thank my dissertation advisor, Olga Levaniouk, as well as Ruby Blondell, Richard Salomon, and Stephen Hinds for their help and supervision during the initial stages of this work. I also thank Yurie Hong, Roshan Abraham, and Robert Lamberton for their helpful feedback on individual chapters. I am grateful to Zoë Selengut not only for friendly support but for the editorial and bibliographical expertise from which this project has benefited. I also give special thanks to Leonard Muellner for the extensive feedback that he provided during the completion of this manuscript.
Finally, I express my enduring gratitude to the Center for Hellenic Studies for providing me the research fellowship, as well as encouragement, that was instrumental in the completion of this work.