(between pp. 128 and 129)
1 Athens, National Museum no. 450, from Pikrodaphne. Athenian black-figure loutrophóros amphora, by the Sappho Painter, c. 500 B.C.
2a Crete, Heraklion Historical Museum no. 285. Panel-painting by an unknown Cretan artist, early seventeenth century, formerly in the Mone Sabbathiana. The thrênos is a local Cretan version of a type similar to the Lampardos thrênos, c. 1600, Athens, Byzantine Museum no. 352.
2b Athens, Byzantine Museum no. 580. Panel-painting, 1699.
3a From the region of Kozani, western Macedonia. Photograph by A. N. Devteraios, Ἐπετηρὶς τοῦ Κέντρου Ἐρεύνης Ἑλλενικῆς Δαογραφίας, 18–19 (1965–6), 258.
3b From Monastiraki, Vonitsa. Photograph by S. D. Peristeris, ibid. 248.
4a and b From Aetos Xiromerou, Aitoloakarnania. Photographs by G. N. Aikaterinidis, ibid. 20–1 (1967–8), 344 and 345.