Playwriting Workshop


The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University, organizes Playwriting Workshops aiming to further expand Greek dramaturgy and the fostering of new playwrights. The workshops, organized in the academic year 2018 – 2019 entitled "Objects of History", addressed young writers wishing to develop their skills in playwriting, deepening in the art of theatrical writing. Author Andreas Flourakis was the coordinator. The workshops are offered pro bono.

Important Information

The recent workshops' topic was specialized, and it dealt with the theatrical discourse of the 200th anniversary of the 1821 revolution. What objects are connected with the concept of history and rebellion? Through these objects, what are the questions that seek for answers about Greece 200 years ago and Greece today? During the workshop, the participants explored, through their personal perspective, thoughts, concerns, expectations and personal experiences of small uprisings while looking at our modern history through the eyes of theater.

The coordinator’s expectation was for theatrical material to be produced, all emerging from the specific topic, which can be presented in the form of writing performance.

The application is now closed.

Venue: The workshops are held at the Center for Hellenic Studies Studies in Nafplio, Greece.

Meetings: The workshops are intensive. The sessions take place in a total of four days, two weekends.


For additional information please contact Ms. Matina Goga, CHS GR Curricular Development Manager, through telephone (+30 27520 47030 ext. 1, Nafplio, Greece) and/or email matina.goga(at)