Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece, Harvard University: Digital Library new operating plan

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece "Georgios Vernardakis" Digital Library will re-open on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, for a limited number of researchers, only after a telephone appointment. The new plan is consistent with the Greek authorities' guidelines and regulations, while adhering to Harvard University’s guidance regarding health and safety protocols.

Days/Hours of the Digital Library
Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tel.: (+30) 2752047030, int. line 1

Guidelines for the interested researchers

Visiting researchers must follow and comply with the following guidelines, without exception, to ensure their safe service. CHS Greece will not allow entry to visitors who do not abide by the guidelines as defined below:

  • Only the "Georgios Vernardakis" Digital Library room will reopen for the visiting researchers (2nd floor at the "Iatrou Mansion"). The visitors will not be allowed to enter any other space of the CHS Greece building (e.g. Fellows Room, Lecture Hall, offices, attic).
  • Only researchers who want access to the Digital Library online resources will be hosted. The Digital Library space will not be used as a reading room (the same applies to all other spaces of the building).
  • CHS Greece will accept a limited number of researchers daily according to the safety measures. No more than 4 visitors will be allowed to work simultaneously, at predefined workstations, in the Digital Library room.

Arranging an appointment in advance by phone is required

  • Researchers will be allowed to enter the Center for Hellenic Studies only after pre-arranged appointments made at least 24 hours prior to their desired visit.
  • The interested researchers can arrange their appointment by calling at (+30) 2752047030, int. line: 1, and talking with the manager in charge of the Digital Library, Matina Goga.

At the entrance of CHS Greece, it is necessary for the visiting researchers to

  • Wear their face masks. Wearing masks is mandatory for the entire duration of the researchers' stay at the Center (gloves or other safety equipment is recommended).
  • Disinfect their hands with sanitizers provided by CHS Greece in the reception area of the Center.

At the Digital Library room

  • Only four (4) researchers are allowed to work simultaneously at the Digital Library's workspaces, keeping the safe distance between them.
  • The manager in charge of the DL will guide and place the visitors to the designated workstations.
  • The visiting researchers can bring and work on their laptops if they wish.
  • Visiting researchers are not allowed to change seats and workstations.
  • Right after the departure of each researcher the terminal and workspace will be disinfected, while the seat will be removed and replaced before the next researcher enters the Digital Library.
  • Researchers are requested to be precise with the time of their arrival and their departure from the CHS building. This facilitates monitoring the daily appointments and continuous disinfections that need to be done.

For more information and appointments' arrangements please contact Matina Goga at (+30) 2752047030, internal line: 1.