Odyssey ‘Round the World

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Part of Reading Greek Tragedy Online, Odyssey ‘Round the World is a 24-hour event that will feature performances of every rhapsody of the Odyssey, recorded by students, faculty, and actors around the world. 

A rhapsody will be released on the CHS YouTube channel every hour, on the hour, beginning December 8 at 4pm EST / 9pm UTC.


All times below in UTC. The schedule will be updated with links to the video premieres closer to the event.

9pm Rhapsody 1 - Out of Chaos Theatre, performed live by international ensemble 

10pm Rhapsody 2 - Xavier University

11pm Rhapsody 3 - Actors in Mexico City and Lima, led by Carlos Bellato

12am Rhapsody 4 - Universidad Nacional de La Plata and Knox College

1am Rhapsody 5 - Dalhousie University

2am Rhapsody 6 - Leigh Ann Cowan of the Odyssey Filming Project

3am Rhapsody 7 - University of Sydney

4am Rhapsody 8 - Gonzaga University

5am Rhapsody 9 - University of Malawi

6am Rhapsody 10 - University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest

7am Rhapsody 11 - Institut Français d'Afrique du Sud

8am Rhapsody 12 - Australian National University and Fudan University

9am Rhapsody 13 - Out of Chaos Theatre, performed by actors in Cyprus and Greece

10am Rhapsody 14 - University of Oxford

11am Rhapsody 15 - Brandeis University

12pm Rhapsody 16 - University College London

1pm Rhapsody 17 - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

2pm Rhapsody 18 - Koç University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

3pm Rhapsody 19 - Universidade de São Paulo

4pm Rhapsody 20 - Università di Bologna

5pm Rhapsody 21 - Texas Tech University

6pm Rhapsody 22 - Kosmos Society

7pm Rhapsody 23 - University of Zagreb

8pm Rhapsody 24 - Out of Chaos Theatre, performed live on Reading Greek Tragedy Online