Classics@12: Nagy

Mentalities of sacrifice in Indic and Greek traditions Gregory Nagy, Harvard University Introduction Ever since I was a graduate student, I have been comparing the traditions of India and Greece. As a Classicist, however, that is, as a researcher who studies Greco-Roman civilization by way of analyzing texts written in… Read more

Classics@12: Pathak

Why People Need Epics: Terming and Learning from the Divine Yet Human Shubha Pathak, American University A common misconception about classical texts is that they have little to do with us if we are far removed from the times when and places where these texts were composed. But, as persisting… Read more

Classics@12: Mehta

Fox and Jackal: The Individual against the Collective Arti Mehta, Howard University Everyone knows the story of the ant and the grasshopper, or the one about the fox walking away from the “sour” grapes. As children, we read, or had read to us, these tales of animals, and even plants,… Read more

Classics@12: Frame

Echoes of the Indo-European Twin Gods in Sanskrit and Greek Epic: Arjuna and Achilles Douglas Frame, Center for Hellenic Studies In Mahābhārata Book 6, as a disastrous war between cousins is about to begin, huge forces on both sides are poised for action, but the action does not begin. It… Read more

Classics@11: The Rhetoric of Abuse in Greek Literature

Classics@11: The Rhetoric of Abuse in Greek Literature Edited by Håkan Tell This volume grew out of the frustration I encountered after talking to colleagues who were interested in exploring abuse in ancient Greek literature. Though we seemed to share similar perspectives on the importance of abuse in Greek literature,… Read more

Classics@11: Håkan Tell, Anytus and the Rhetoric of Abuse in Plato’s Apology and Meno

Anytus and the Rhetoric of Abuse in Plato’s Apology and Meno Håkan Tell, Dartmouth College πεφύκασι δ’ οἱ πλεῖστοι τῶν φιλοσόφων τῶν κωμικῶν κακήγοροι μᾶλλον εἶναι. Most philosophers are naturally more disposed to slander than the comic playwrights. Athenaeus, Deipnosophistae 5.220a The subject of this paper is the rhetorical strategies… Read more