2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium: Apply Now!

The CHS invites students to present their work on the Ancient world and the classical tradition on a symposium that will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014. On their part, students should submit abstracts of 250 words, approved by their faculty mentor along with their mentor’s contact information via an online application by Friday, February 14, 2014.
After the submission of the abstracts, the CHS will contact the faculty mentors for recommendations. Both the recommendations and the abstracts will be reviewed by a committee of scholars and a final selection will be made. The participants get the chance to present their work and at the same time their final papers and videos of their presentations get to be published in the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal. This link of their work to a digital medium, allows the participants to incorporate a wide variety of materials, including images, videos, links to other online resources, and other types of data.
Learn more about the symposium schedule and the travel and accommodations plan on the Sunoikisis website.