The Center for Hellenic Studies

Helping educators, researchers, and the general public rediscover the humanism of the ancient Greeks.


The CHS offers multiple fellowship opportunities to postdoctoral researchers including Fellowships in Hellenic Studies, the Early Career Fellowships in Hellenic Studies in Greece and Cyprus, Summer Fellowships in Hellenic Studies, and a CHS-Institute of Historical Research Joint Fellowship in Hellenic Studies. Applications will open at the end of Summer 2024. Read more

The Library

The CHS Library collection focuses upon and supports research in all areas of Ancient Hellenic Civilization. Subject coverage includes literature (archaic, classical, Hellenistic and early imperial), history, philosophy, religion, art, archaeology, architecture, epigraphy, papyrology, medicine, mathematics, science and numismatics. Collections in Latin Literature and Roman Studies are less complete, but very useful for comparative purposes and interdisciplinary projects. Read more


The Center for Hellenic Studies offers programs and experiences for an array of constituents from self-directed students of all ages to specialists in the field of Hellenic Studies, as part of our ongoing commitment to making Classics and Hellenic Studies accessible. Programming includes; workshops, conferences, seminars, and lectures, in addition to internship and grant opportunities. Read more


As part of its mission of bringing together a variety of research interests centered on Hellenic civilization and sharing them with a wider audience, the Center for Hellenic Studies publishes books, journals, proceedings of colloquia, discussions, databases, lectures, and other materials, both online and in print. Read more



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