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Distinguished Lecturer: Paulin Ismard

A question keeps coming up about slavery in the Greek world: how is it possible that the great thinkers of…

Oedipus Tyrannos – Sophocles

On Tuesday, April 4th the sixth season of Reading Greek Tragedy Online continues with a live dramatic reading of Sophocles’…



Fellow Talk | Stella Katsarou

Greece hosted vibrant Neolithic communities that spread over various landscapes, including caves in all settings. The absence of textual evidence makes materiality our utmost medium through those communities’ social and spiritual worlds. Read more

Fellow Talk | Jessica Lamont

Grounded in social history, the talk explores the emergence of medical pluralism—the interwoven professional and cultural systems or “marketplaces” that evolved to manage health and disease—in Greek communities across the ancient Mediterranean. Read more

In Memoriam: Philippos Tsiboglou

The Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington and Greece would like to express our sincerest condolences to the family of the late Philippou Tsiboglou, Director General of the National Library of Greece, as well as to the entire NLG team. Read more

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