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2021-22 Fellows and Visiting Researchers

The CHS is pleased to announce the researchers who will receive support for the 2021-22 academic year.

2021-22 Visiting Artists

The CHS Visiting Artist Program facilitates exchange between arts practitioners and researchers and supports contemporary artistic responses to ancient Greek…

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Due to the pandemic, the Center will remain closed to the public for the duration of the spring semester. Tour the main building and the library virtually.



Orality and Literacy (Persian translation)

Gregory Nagy Translated into Persian by Farnoosh Shamsian [[This article was first published in Encyclopedia of Rhetoric (ed. T. O. Sloane; Oxford 2001) 532-538. It is currently available in English here:]] شفاهیّت و کتبیّت گرگوری ناژ برگردان فارسی: فرنوش شمسیان مفهوم شفاهیّت [1]… Read more

Kyklos Conference 2021

The Greek Epic Cycle and its Reception In the Arts, Literature, Vase-Painting, Theatre, Film, and Video Games (in Antiquity, as well as in the Contemporary World) Time: 8:00am–3:30pm EDT Kyklos is a program devoted to new and developing scholarship concerning the Greek Epic Cycle. Its primary purpose is to foster… Read more

Proximity and Classics

What ideas of proximity can we find in Classical Greek literature? How was intimacy understood, from Homer to Plato? What is the connection between proximity and friendship? What is the role of supplication? How can these ideas be mobilized to shed light on the notion of proximity today? Read more

How Pindar’s Homer might save from harm the heroic glory of Ajax

2021.05.10 | By Gregory Nagy §0. In this essay I attempt to explain, though only in its barest outlines, Pindar’s poetic project of picturing ‘Homer’ as a potential savior of the glory deserved by Ajax, hero of Salamis—despite this Homer’s generally indiscriminate taste, it is claimed, for greedily savoring all the delicacies of all the myths cooked up for him by way of epic poetry—I use the word ‘myths’ here… Read more

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The CHS offers fellowship research opportunities to postdoctoral researchers. The next application cycle will begin in Fall 2021.

Student Programs

The CHS offers a variety of programs for students in Washington, DC and in Nafplio, including internships, workshops and seminars, and study abroad.

Reading Greek Tragedy Online

In partnership with Out of Chaos Theatre, the Center for Hellenic Studies and the Kosmos Society are presenting Reading Greek Tragedy Online, a series that brings together actors and researchers to perform and discuss scenes from Greek tragedy.

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