Community Values

The Center for Hellenic Studies is an academic community that is firmly committed to the values of collegiality, mutual respect, and collaboration. It is also dedicated to promoting frank and vigorous dialogue and discussion of ancient Greek culture and its ongoing relevance up to the present day. The Center recognizes that such debates may sometimes involve sharp disagreements on scholarly issues, as indeed they should. At the same time, and as noted in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Free Speech Guidelines, there are obligations of civility and respect for others that underlie rational discourse.  To ensure that disagreement and debate contribute to the Center’s academic mission, all participants in CHS-sponsored events, publications, and other projects are asked to abide by the following principles:

  • To promote open, honest, and respectful discourse from and between all members of the community, regardless of position, rank, role, or background.
  • To treat one another with civility and respect.
  • To make arguments in good faith and assume that others do the same, and to refrain from imputing covert motives to others. To direct criticism at intellectual positions and arguments, not at persons.
  • To refrain from employing shame, intimidation, or abusive/inflammatory language in dialogue and discussion.

Participation in CHS activities is a privilege. The Center reserves the right to withhold this privilege from any individual who breaches one or more of these principles.