2017 CHS GR Summer Internship Program | Meet the Gallery Interns!

From May 31 until July 5, 2017, students from American and Greek universities serve as interns at cultural institutions in Nafplio, Greece. In addition to their internship responsibilities, students develop a research project with the guidance of a faculty mentor, and tour cultural and archaeological sites in the Argolid region and in Athens. Learn more about the program here.

The students are twelve in total. The two students below are occupied at the National Gallery, Nafplio Annex.

“The permanent exhibit in the National Gallery, Nafplio Annex focuses on the Greek War of Independence. As interns at the Gallery, we have been working on projects for the museum and created a questionnaire for the visitors. Our everyday duties include researching the museum’s paintings and their artists to provide accurate, historical information about the artwork to the visitors, and giving tours.”–Gallery Interns

Styliani Nefeli Loukovika, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

My name is Nefeli Loukovika and I study at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on the Department of Visual and Applied Arts. I am developing on 2D animation, digital art, painting and photography. On my spare time I go walking, play music and study other languages and cultures. In the future, I plan to broaden my knowledge on animation and character design and work on the animation industry either on games or films.

Brittany Rios, Georgetown University

My name is Brittany Rios, and I am a rising senior at Georgetown University, pursuing a major in Classics with a concentration in Latin. Because of my interest in philology and previous study of ancient Greek, I am also pursuing a minor in Modern Greek. Outside of the classroom, I advocate for the destigmatization of mental illness, like to draw in my spare time, and greatly enjoy musical theater. Upon graduating from Georgetown, I hope to someday work in a museum or in the communications field.