2018 CHS GR Summer Internship Program | Meet the Library Interns!

From May 30 until July 5, 2018, students from American and Greek universities serve as interns at cultural institutions in Nafplio, Greece. In addition to their internship responsibilities, students develop a research project with the guidance of a faculty mentor, and tour cultural and archaeological sites in the Argolid region and in Athens. Learn more about the program here.

The students are nine in total. The two students below are occupied at the New Library, Fougaro.

Christina Christou, Ionian University

My name is Christina Christou and I study in the Department of Archives, Library Science and Museology at the Ionian University. This program gave me the opportunity to explore the different aspects of living in Nafplio. Furthermore, Nafplio, offered me the experience to live in a small city that covers all my cultural needs. The most important thing, however, is that I met amazing people, who I want to keep in touch with for a long time.

Now, about Fougaro, what can I say about this place? Fougaro gave a different perspective about art libraries and the term Cultural Complex. I love the fact that the main goal is the efforts to approach the local community. Furthermore, in the two libraries, we do cataloging and organize books, help with the planning and the processing of educational programs and also research about children libraries. I believe that this working environment suits me. I would like to work in a place like this for some time.

Eleni Constantinou, Boston University

My name is Eleni Constantinou. I am a double major at Boston University, studying Biological Anthropology and Greek Literature. Most people are under the impression that those two majors are completely unrelated, however Fougaro allows me to relate both my fields of study. After all, the study of anthropology is concerned with human behavior and culture. Greek literature is a product of such behavior. Lucky for me, the Fougaro Cultural Complex gels everything I enjoy studying together in a beautiful way. Even when I catalogue books, which is in my opinion an extremely tedious task, I remind myself how incredible this space is. The New Library fosters children’s curiosities and supplements their learning in a way that inspires them to take on humanity’s future. I am so excited to collaborate with Christina and present a story in a way that will also educate them; it is exciting because I will be a small part of their education.