2019 CHS DC Summer Internship Program | Meet the Digital Humanities Interns!

We are pleased to introduce our four Digital Humanities interns who are working for eight weeks in Washington, DC on the Free First Thousand Years of Greek project, a self-standing subset of the Open Greek and Latin Project and on Homer and the Digital Corpus of Literary Papyri.

Karina Cooper

Karina Cooper hails from Seattle, Washington and is currently a rising senior at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. She is pursuing an honors major in Latin with an honors minor in Ancient Greek and course minor in Astronomy. At Swarthmore, Karina works with the Classics Department Latin Outreach group teaching Latin to elementary schoolers and is preparing to give a talk at CAAS this fall on her research into talking snakes in a medieval Latin collection of Aesop’s Fables. Karina worked with machine learning doing astronomy research last summer and is very excited to work with OCR in the digital humanities projects at CHS this summer. She is especially interested in combining her love of science and classics by exploring the intersection between them in digital humanities. In her free time Karina enjoys playing the violin, participating in Swarthmore’s Folk Dance Club, and drinking tea.

Ethan Della Rocca

Ethan is a rising senior from Hamden, Connecticut. He currently studies at the University of Chicago majoring in both Classical Studies and Philosophy. For the past year Ethan has been working on the Logeion project, an online Greek and Latin dictionary. Specifically, he has worked to develop the project’s new morphology feature Μορφώ. Ethan also participated in the Paideia Institute’s 2017 Living Latin in Rome program and remains interested in the intersection of modern media and classical language learning. He is excited to be participating in the CHS’s digital humanities internship and continue his work within digital humanities and the classics.

Sophia Elzie

Sophia Elzie is originally from Tallahassee, FL. She is a rising senior at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA where she is majoring in Classical Languages and Literature with a specialization in Global Learning. At Agnes, Sophia tutors Latin and Greek for the Classics Department and works as a Peer Advisor in the Office of Academic Advising. As a student at a small liberal arts college, Sophia knows firsthand the value of free online resources like Perseus for Classics. Sophia has excavated at Lechaio in Ancient Corinth and in the Athenian Agora. After two summers spent in the Greek sun, she is excited to be spending the summer exploring Classics and Digital Humanities from inside an air conditioned building.

Lucy Parr

Lucy Parr comes from a small town in East Texas called Marshall. She is a rising senior at Oberlin College and is a Latin major with an Ancient Greek minor. She has been both a Latin tutor and a TA for Latin 101 and has also taught a Latin 101 intensive winter term class. She has been a visiting student at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies (ICCS) in Rome. Despite having taken Greek since the spring semester of her freshman year, this is the first opportunity she had had to explore the language outside of a strictly classroom setting. She is interested in studying marginalized voices in the ancient world–such as women and the lower classes–as well as magic and religion at the margins of society. She is very invested in making classics more accessible and is very excited to be working with CHS on this project. When she is not studying, she is often found writing poetry and fiction and petting any and every dog that crosses her path.