2021-22 Fellows and Visiting Researchers

The CHS is pleased to announce the researchers who will receive support for the 2021-22 academic year:

Postdoctoral Fellows in Hellenic Studies

Afroditi Angelopoulou (Greece) University of Southern California — Fall 2021
The Body and the Senses in Greek Tragedy

Michele Bianconi (Italy) University of Oxford — Spring 2022
“Ex Oriente Lux?” Of Gods, Men, and Stories Between Greece and Anatolia

Patrick Burns (USA) University of Texas at Austin — Spring 2022
Extending Classical Language Toolkit’s Ancient Greek Tools and Resources

Eirini Dimitriadou (Greece) Independent Researcher — Spring 2022
Classical Athens: The Topographical Development of the City from the Late Archaic to the Late Classical Period (480-330 B.C.)

Eva Falaschi (Italy) Independent Researcher — Spring 2022
Fragmented (Art)words. The Fragments of Greek Art History: Reconstruction and Roman Reception

Evan Keeling (USA) University of São Paulo — Spring 2022
Color in Greek Philosophy

Mait Kõiv (Estonia) University of Tartu — Fall 2021
People and Their Leaders: The Transformation of Aegean Society and Political Structures During the Early Iron Age and Archaic Era (12th-6th Centuries BCE)

Georgios Kostopoulos (Greece) Independent Researcher — Fall 2021
The History of *ty and *ky in Greek

Suzanne Lye (USA) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — Fall 2021
To Starve and To Curse: Women’s Anger in Ancient Greek Literature and Magic

Caterina Pello (Italy) University College London — Spring 2022
Presocratic Philosophers on Life and Death: Ancient Origins of a Modern Debate

Lisa Raphals (USA) University of California, Riverside — Fall 2021
Body, Mind and Spirit in Early China and Greece

Florian Réveilhac (France) French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)— Spring 2022
Lycian Names in Greek Sources: A Morphological Study

Evan Rodriguez (USA) Idaho State University — Fall 2021
Rivals or Relatives? Tracking Truth and Ways of Knowing among Plato and the Sophists

Timothy Rood (UK) University of Oxford — Spring 2022
The End of the Histories: Land, Wealth, and Empire in Herodotus with K. Scarlett Kingsley

Karolina Sekita (Poland) University of Oxford — Fall 2021
Conceptualisations of the Dead and After-Death in Greek Thought of the Archaic and Classical Periods

Julia Shear (USA and Greece) American School of Classical Studies at Athens — Fall 2021
Creating Collective Memories in Ancient Athens

Thea Sommerschield (Italy and UK) University of Oxford — Fall 2021
Machine Learning for the Study of Ancient Epigraphic Cultures

Gertjan Verhasselt (Belgium) LMU Munich — Fall 2021
The Fragments of Aristotle’s Constitutions

Sofia Voutsaki (Greece) University of Groningen — Spring 2022
The North Cemetery at Ayios Vasileios, Laconia: Integration and Interpretation

Early Career Fellows in Hellenic Studies in Greece and Cyprus

Eleni Salavoura (Greece) Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports
Eastern Attica in the Postpalatial Times and a New Late Helladic IIIC Cemetery at Porto Raphti

Stella Spantidaki (Greece) University of the Aegean
The Fabric of Kings: Funerary Textile Remains from Mycenae

Visiting Associates in Hellenic Studies

Yoandy Cabrera Ortega (USA) Rockford University
Queering Myth: Tragic Suspension as a Possible Theoretical Third Space

Emilio Carlo Maria Capettini (Italy) University of California, Santa Barbara
“Greek Characters Erasing in the Weather”: Queer Returns to Antiquity During the AIDS Crisis

Bettina Joy de Guzman (USA) Independent Researcher
Epirote Music and Ancient Greek Chorus

Marco Fantuzzi (Italy) University of Roehampton
Happy Love Stories and the Culture of Nature

Catherine Gilhuly (USA) Wellesley College
Sex and Time in Hesiod’s Poetry

Sophie Lalanne (France) Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
The Novel, the City and the Empire

Henrique Modanez de Sant Anna (Brazil) University of Brasilia
Oliveira Martins’s Alexander the Great: A Nineteenth-Century Portuguese Philosophy of History Between Plutarch and Hegelianism

Jonathan Reeves (Canada) McMaster University
Polemos as Kinesis: The Effects of the Peloponnesian War on Athenian Society

Kelly Shannon-Henderson (USA) University of Alabama
Herakleides of Pontos: A New Commentary on a Fragmentary Greek Historian

Stella Skaltsa (Greece) University of Copenhagen
Representing Rhodes: From the Mural Decoration of a Hellenistic and Roman Civic Building to the Place of Rhodes in Mediterranean Art and Architecture

Thanos Zartaloudis (Greece) University of Kent
The Birth of Physis

Visiting Scholars in Hellenic Studies

Milena Anfosso (Italy) Independent Researcher
Entwining Greek with Asian Speech: Timotheus of Miletus’ The Persians 140-161

Angela Cinalli (Italy) Sapienza University of Rome
Πτανοῖς Ποσίν: Following the Path of Itinerant Professionals of the Arts in the Hellenistic Period

Yu Lan (China) Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
The Structural Studies of Epics and Folk Narratives

José Alberto Ross Hernandez (Mexico) Universidad Panamericana
God and the Divine in Aristotle and Ancient Aristotelianism