An Interview with Polyxeni Adam-Veleni, Director of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Dr. Polyxeni Adam-Veleni of the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki welcomed us for an interview on the premises of the museum, a museum that features artifacts of great historic value from throughout Macedonia.
Dr. Adam-Veleni talks about her research interests and the museum’s exhibitions and general projects. Northern Greece, she said, has still many unrevealed artifacts that will be of great interest to the academic community worldwide. The Museum organizes activities free of charge for the general public and plays an active role in the city’s cultural life. Watch the video interview below (English subtitles are available):

The CHS team is excited to announce that the Center for Hellenic Studies and the Museum have launched a new cooperation which will enhance common activities of the two addressed to the general public, such as the second event of the 2017 annual Events Series on January 20. More details will be available soon so stay tuned!

Our interested readers can access Dr. Adam-Veleni’s research publications through, in Greek and other languages.