Application FAQ

Online Application FAQ

Before you start your online Fellowship application, we recommend that you review this page, which will be updated frequently. Last update October 19, 2009.


Do I have to complete my application online? Can I mail you a paper copy?

All those interested in applying for a Fellowship must do so electronically. The application and the recommendation letters must be submitted electronically. Support for the online application is available both from the CHS and from Embark, the company providing the online application system. Please e-mail for assistance. 

Can I use Greek fonts in my application?

The Embark online application does not recognize Greek characters at this time. However, you can include Greek in your supporting documents as long as you save the files as PDFs and upload them into the system. 

What do I do if my information does not fit in the field provided?

If your telephone number or other information does not fit in the fields provided in the application, please e-mail us. We can work with Embark to extend the length of the fields. However, please try to fit the title of your proposed project within the 75 character limit.


Please note: the references you list in the application must be the same three professors you register as recommenders.

Can my recommenders submit their letters before I have submitted my application?

Yes. After you have register a recommender, the recommender receives an e-mail with a link to the Embark recommendation system and login information. Once the recommender has accessed the system, he/she can submit a letter at any time.

How will I know if my recommender has submitted his/her recommendation?

First, we suggest that you send your recommender a personal note to alert him or her to the fact that the Embark system will be sending out an automatic email with registration information. In your note it is a good idea to include the URL for recommenders:

Also, please direct your recommenders to view our Recommendation FAQ page, which explains the recommendation submission process.

You can track the progress of your recommendations using the “Recommendations” navigational button to the left of your application screen. This section will tell you if your registered recommenders have uploaded their letters yet or not.

My recommender does not use email or the Internet. What should I do?

First, we encourage you to make sure that your recommender truly does not have acess to email and the Internet. There may be an administrator in your recommender’s department who can assist your recommender with access to the electronic application.

If your recommender does not use email at all, please send a message to fellowships(at) to inform us. We can then decide how to proceed together. 

Research Proposal and Publications

Can I submit a bibliography with my research proposal?

You are welcome to submit a bibliography with your research proposal. The bibliography will not count toward the 1000 word limit for the research proposal.

My sample of published work is larger than 2MB. How can I reduce the size of the PDF?

If you have access to Abode Acrobat Professional, go to Document > Reduce file size. If the option to retain the existing compability settings does not sufficiently reduce the size of the file, consider setting compability to later versions of Adobe.

My work has been accepted for publication, but is not yet in print. Can I still submit this work as my sample?

Yes. You are welcome to send a letter of acceptance from the publishing house.

Can I send you offprints to be included with my application?

Please do not send offprints by mail to the CHS.

Here are several ways for you to provide electronic versions of your published works:

1. If the article is available in JStor, Project Muse, or other online article repositories, please download your article and save it as a PDF. Then upload the file to your Fellowship application.

2. If you have a copy of the article in Word format, please upload that and provide publication information in your application. 

3. If you have an offprint, please scan it and save as a PDF file. You can then upload the PDF file with your application. 



When will I be notified of the Center for Hellenic Studies’ decision?

Notifications will be mailed in mid to late December.



If I am accepted, can my application be deferred for a year?

No, the CHS does not defer succesful applications, nor do we hold applications for longer than one application cycle. If you wish to reapply, you must submit a new application each year.