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Sports, Society, and Culture

“After the Agon: Olympic Memory in Ancient and Modern Athletics”

Sixth International Scholars’ Symposium
Dates: July 9 – July 13, 2017
Application Deadline: April 23, 2017

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The International Olympic Academy (IOA), in cooperation with Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS), is organizing the Sixth International Scholars’ Symposium on “Sports,  Society, and Culture” in Ancient Olympia, on July 9-13, 2017. As in the past years, the Symposium will host scholars from around the world and bring together more than a hundred students and professors from Universities in Greece and abroad.
Building on some of the themes that were developed in the previous years, the specific topic of the 2017 Symposium is “After the Agon: Olympic Memory in Ancient and Modern Athletics.” As part of the international scholarly discourse on sports, society and politics, the 2017 meeting of the IOA/CHS Symposium examines the significance of memory in post-agonistic formations of identity for athletes and their states. By exploring the dynamics of Olympic commemoration, recollection, and emulation, this year’s conference brings to Olympia an academic gathering designed to shed new light on the dialogue between the ancient and modern Olympics.


The Symposium is addressed to undergraduate students who are in their junior year of studies (3rd year and above), as well as postgraduate students (Masters and PhD students). Priority will be given to first-time participants.
This is a non-fee based event, and the participants will be given certificates of attendance during the closing ceremony of the Symposium.
For additional information, including the eligible Departments from Greece and abroad, please visit the Symposium’s website!

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