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Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes

Aeschylus, Seven Against Thebes Translated by Herbert Weir Smyth Revised by the Seven Against Thebes Heroization team (Hélène Emeriaud, Kelly Lambert, Janet M. Ozsolak, Sarah Scott, Keith DeStone) The Acropolis of Thebes, in which stand altars and images of various divinities. A large gathering of citizens of Thebes. Enter… Read more

Hour 25 | Core Vocab: āthlos, āthlētēs

With the Olympic Games coming up, Sarah Scott, an active participant and member of the editorial team in Hour 25, shares this month’s Core Vocab word which is āthlos (aethlos) [ἆθλος/ἄεθλος] ‘contest, ordeal; competition’; and āthlētēs [ἀθλητής], ‘athlete’. In HeroesX Gregory Nagy introduces the word āthlētēs in a section about the Labors of Hēraklēs… Read more