CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Milena Anfosso

My current project as a CHS Fellow is to further develop the results of a substantial chapter of my dissertation in order to produce my first monograph in English, with the provisional title Entwining Greek with Asian Speech. In my dissertation –– originally written in French and entitled Problèmes linguistiques… Read more

CHS 2020 Fall Fellows: Denise Demetriou

Phoenicians Among Others: How Migration and Mobility Transformed the Mediterranean Zeno of Kition arrived in Athens sometime in the fourth century BCE in spectacular fashion. The ship he was on, a merchant vessel carrying a quintessential Phoenician product, purple dye, was wrecked off the Attic coast. Zeno, a Phoenician speaker… Read more

Call for Contributions | # After Lockdown

The Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece (CHS Greece) invites you to share a short recording (less than 2:30 minutes in length) in which you will recount your experience undergoing the peculiar circumstances that the pandemic has imposed on you. Join your voice and share your story with the Harvard community and beyond! Read more

Meet the Teaching Fellows for the High School Summer Program!

From July 2 until July 17, 2020, six Harvard College students fill internships teaching the CHS High School Summer Program (HSSP). The teaching fellows (TFs) along with the HSSP faculty members plan, coordinate, and teach the college-level seminar. The internship has two phases: spring preparation, and the seminar… Read more