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Thinking Like a Revolutionary: Interview with HMT Researcher Stephanie Lindeborg, College of the Holy Cross, ’13

Stephanie Lindeborg We recently had the opportunity to interview Stephanie Lindeborg, a senior at Holy Cross and an undergraduate researcher working with Prof. Mary Ebbott and Prof. Neel Smith on the Homer Multitext project. [Read our companion interview with Mary Ebbott.] Stephanie shared her thoughts about working with treasured primary resources such as the Venetus A, the joys of discovery, and the unique experience of working on the Homer Multitext.… Read more

Kyklos International Teleconference–June 27, 2012

  Kyklos: The Greek Epic Cycle project of the CHS, an intergenerational project    Coordinator: Efimia D. Karakantza, The Kyklos project involves graduate students as well as junior and senior professors and researchers from North and South America, Europe, and beyond. The research papers submitted by the graduate students are related to aspects of the corpus of the Greek Epic Cycle and its interface with other genres (Homeric and… Read more

On Student-Scholars, Editor-Scribes, and the Homer Multitext: An Interview with Mary Ebbott

"... the editor is no longer a dictator of what the text is, but rather someone who provides access to the sources within a framework that allows users to make these comparisons, to ask new questions, and to re-use the material for his or her own purposes."--Mary Ebbott We recently had the opportunity to interview Mary Ebbott, Associate Professor of Classics at Holy Cross and co-Editor of the Homer Multitext (HMT)… Read more

Francophone Scholarship@CHS

We are pleased to share the following publications and resources which highlight or feature the contributions of influential Francophone scholars and scholarship. Image: Andromache mourns Hector (1783), by Jacques-Louis David, Musée du Louvre, Paris. Available via Wikimedia Commons. Read more