CHS GR Events Series 2016-2017 on YouTube

The CHS GR team is pleased to share recordings of the Events Series through its YouTube channel. So far, four of this year’s Events Series have taken place in venues around Greece. This year’s topic is ‘Societies in Crisis: Economy, Politics, Culture’. The Events Series feature lectures in Greek or English.
Speakers so far have addressed the general topic through their own research, coming from different backgrounds. Here are the recordings of videos published so far:

Yorgis Yatromanolakis on “Pausanias the traveler visits Epidaurus”
March 15, 2017 (video available in Greek)


Alicia Stallings on “Hesiod: A modern poet for the times”
February 15, 2017 (video available in English)


Gregory Nagy on “Disintegration and Reintegration of Society in Archaic Greek Poetry”
January 20, 2017 (video available in English)


Nikos Alivizatos on “Divisive democracy: The Greek parliamentarianism between ‛regularity’ and aberration, 1843-2016” December 14, 2016 (video available in Greek)

Please stay tuned for further announcements on next events to follow! If you can’t attend but you don’t want to miss an event, all recordings will be available shortly after each lecture. Subscribe to the CHS GR YouTube channel to receive notifications for all videos as they become available.