CHS Online Open House | Metopes at Thermon, Temple C, with Kathryn R. Topper

Kathryn R. Topper of University of Washington, Department of Classics will join the CHS community for an Online Open House discussion on “Coming of Age at Thermon: Marriage and Its Discontents on the Metopes of Temple C.”
The event will be streamed live on Thursday, March 1, at 11 a.m. EST, and will be recorded.
In preparation, you might like to read, Thermon Metopes
You can watch the event on the CHS Kosmos website, or the CHS YouTube channel.

Kathryn R. Topper

Ph.D., Classical Archaeology, Harvard University, 2007
A.B., Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology/ English, Bryn Mawr College, 2000
Kathryn R. Topper is trained as a Classical archaeologist with an emphasis in Greek art, and she is especially interested in the ways in which images intersect with other elements of culture, including ritual, literature, and performance. her publications include The Imagery of the Athenian Symposium (Cambridge UP 2012) and articles on a variety of issues in Greek vase painting. Current projects include a book about the Hellenistic banquet, two articles on the Thalamegos of Ptolemy IV, and article on the metopes of Temple C at Thermon.