CHS Open House: How and Why to Read Plato in the Early Common Era, with Ryan Fowler

The Hour 25 Community is pleased to welcome Ryan Fowler for the next CHS Open House Discussion, to be held on Thursday January 29 at 11:00 am EST, to talk about ‘How and Why to Read Plato in the Early Common Era’.
Members of Hour 25 can start and continue the discussion in this Forum thread.
To prepare for the discussion, participants might like to read the following.
On the Arrangement of the Platonic Dialogues  by Ryan C. Fowler: Handout
You may watch the event here or below:

Ryan C. Fowler (PhD Rutgers University) teaches at Franklin and Marshall College and the Lancaster Theological Seminary. He was at the CHS as a fellow in the fall, working with Alberto Quiroga Puertas on atechnoi in the Cappadocian Fathers. Ryan directs the yearly Greek and Latin Sunoikisis faculty seminars and fall courses, and the Sunoikisis-X courses in the spring. His first book, Plato in the Third Sophistic is now available from De Gruyter. He recently completed a second manuscript:  The Imperial Plato (a translation of Albinus’s Introduction to Plato, Maximus of Tyre’s Dissertation 11, and Apuleius’s On Plato), which is forthcoming with Parmenides Press.