CHS Summer Internship in Washington, DC

General Information


Dates: May 27-August 3, 2014. (Interns will be off for the Independence Day holiday, July 3-7.)

WashingtonDCThe Center for Hellenic Studies (CHS) Summer Internship Program offers students the opportunity to work at the CHS in Washington, D.C. on projects related to Publications and Fellowships and Curricular Development (FCD) from May 27-August 3, 2014. Interns will have access to the library resources and will have opportunities to engage with the scholarly community at the CHS.

Interns will work approximately 270 hours over the course of the summer and receive $12.00 per hour. The work schedule is relatively flexible and provides ample opportunity to see Washington, D.C. The CHS will provide housing on-campus. Units are fully furnished and equipped with all necessary housing items such as eating utensils, cookware, and linens. Additionally, the CHS will provide MacBooks with all the necessary software for interns to use during their time at the CHS.

Interns will be responsible for the costs of transportation to and from Washington, D.C., meals (excluding lunch on weekdays), and incidentals.

Application deadline: March 1, 2014.

Publications Internships

Publications interns will aid in the creation, updating, and migration of online scholarly resources. Duties will include conversion of Word documents into multiple formats, editing and validation of XML files, proofreading, and work with HTML and e-book editing platforms. No prior knowledge of these technologies is required, only the desire to learn them. Interns will also serve as editorial assistants for the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal, a peer-reviewed online journal with a variety of features intended to make research attractive and accessible to a broad spectrum of readers.

Interns will work with both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. In addition to Microsoft Office,  interns will also gain hands-on experience with Adobe Acrobat ProGoogle DocumentsOpen OfficeoXygen XML editor,Sigil, a CMS using a standard WYSIWYG HTML editor, and web-based platforms such as Sakai and WordPress.

Fellowships and Curricular Development (FCD) Internships

FCD interns will assist with preparations for seminars and conferences and the development of materials for teaching and scholarship in a variety of academic settings. Duties will include corresponding with participants, managing logistical information, preparing seminar materials, videography, and creating online resources. Interns will also serve as editorial assistants for the Sunoikisis Undergraduate Research Journal, a peer-reviewed online journal with a variety of features intended to make research attractive and accessible to a broad spectrum of readers.

Interns typically work 30 hours/week but can expect to work more hours during conferences.

Interns will use Mac OS X and Microsoft Office.  Interns will also learn and work with Adobe Acrobat ProFinal Cut ProGoogle DocumentsOpen Office, and web-based programs and sites such as Sakai and WordPress.

FCD Interns will assist with the logistics for following seminars and conferences:
June 6-16 Sunoikisis Course Planning and Faculty Development Seminars
June 19-July 3 Homer Multitext Workshop
July 8-17  Information Literacy Workshop
July 21-27 Council of Independent Colleges Seminar
August 1-2 The Ephebes’ Journey Workshop


The Information Fluency Workshop

Every summer, the CHS offers a workshop for undergraduates on information literacy in the field of Classical Studies. All interns will participate in this workshop. Participants gain a broad understanding of the primary information resources in the field and the major trends in information science and academic publishing. Through work as individuals and as a team, they develop research guides for use by other undergraduates in a variety of academic contexts. Ultimately, the workshop provides students with the necessary background and skills to play a supportive role in the work of their departments and to help build cooperative relationships between faculty members and librarians.

The Ephebes’ Journey Workshop

The Ephebes’ Journey weekend workshop will introduce students with an interest in civic participation and leadership to the basic features of one of the ancient world’s most lasting legacies, Athenian democracy as it was conceived and practiced in the fifth and fourth century BCE. All interns will participate in this workshop. As “ephebes”, or Greek youths on the cusp of becoming full citizens, participants will explore the historical, cultural, and economic forces that gave rise to Athenian democracy and also consider the attitudes that thinkers of the time had toward it and other competing forms of government. They will look at the most salient architectural remains of Athenian democracy, namely, the theater, the acropolis, and the marketplace. Participants will also examine the various modes of education that equipped Athenians to become citizens and leaders of their communities.


The application is now closed.

Students interested in applying should complete the online application. The application will ask for contact information for two references, a transcript, cover letter, and résumé.

Applicants should provide the contact information for two faculty members or for high school teachers, employers, or mentors who know them well. Applicants should identify references who can comment specifically about their academic records, their capacity to carry out the responsibilities listed above, and their ability to work effectively and cooperatively with other interns, the staff at the Center, and the scholars visiting the Center. Applicants should inform their references that the CHS will contact them directly for recommendation letters.

The CHS staff will contact finalists for a phone interview.


Students majoring in any field may apply. Knowledge of either ancient or modern Greek is welcome and especially helpful for publications work, but not required. No prior experience is necessary for this internship.

*This program is primarily targeted to undergraduate students.

Students who have participated in CHS programs in the past are eligible to apply. However, students who have never had a CHS internship will have priority.

NOTE: Current academic-year CHS interns are ineligible to apply.


If you have any questions about the program, please do not hesitate to contact a programs coordinator via our Contact Form.