CHS Visiting Scholar | Travis Derico, Huntington University

TMDericoThis week, Dr. Travis Derico will be staying at the CHS and using the library. Currently, Dr. Derico is a contingent lecturer in religion at Huntington University. His research interests focus on an investigation of early Christian oral tradition and its role in the composition of the Synoptic Gospels and other early Christian literature. Having cleared some methodological ground along these lines in his first book, Oral Tradition and Synoptic Verbal Agreement [Pickwick (Wipf and Stock), 2016], Dr. Derico is working on the construction of new analogical models of the first-century oral tradition of Jesus.

While at the CHS, Dr. Derico will be researching the extent to which the social mechanisms of early Christian teaching might have been influenced by oral-traditional processes that took shape in the philosophical and rhetorical schools of the Hellenistic period. He is looking forward to fruitful conversation with other scholars in residence at the CHS.