Classical Inquiries | Things noted during eight days of travel-study in Greece, 2016.06.10–18

In his recent posting on Classical Inquiries, Gregory Nagy shares information on a day-to-day basis about his travel along with a Harvard travel-study program in Greece. During this trip, Gregory Nagy invited participants to focus on things to see or note at each ancient site the group visited.

In cases where we visited a museum adjoining the site, I would offer a separate list of three things to see. Wherever it was possible, I used as my primary ancient source the reportage of the ancient traveler Pausanias, who flourished in the second century CE and whose Greek text is translated into English at a site entitled A Pausanias Reader in Progress.

Continue reading on Classical Inquiries, and wishing you good travels during the summer!

Gregory Nagy and the travel-study group


Featured image: Admiring the ceiling of so-called Treasury of Atreus