Course Planning and Faculty Development Seminars

Every June the Sunoikisis faculty gather at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C. to develop the upcoming year’s courses. They hold two 3-day planning seminars, one for the Greek course and another for the Latin course. The faculty also invite an expert in the subject area to participate in the seminars and to inform the reading of primary source materials.
The course planning seminars also provide an opportunity for faculty development. Dr. Ryan C. Fowler describes the experience:

As a participant in the program for three years, I’ve received a number of grants from my home institutions to attend Sunoiksis consortiums under the category of Faculty Development, which is what these programs truly are (not in name only), for a number of reasons. As a cooperating group, we look to each other as resources for invited lectures, lecturing possibilities, and opportunities for research collaboration. I really cannot do justice to the importance of our conversations during the shared coffee breaks, lunches, and dinners in which we have the chance to continue our discussions from the previous session, about our own work, and about the work of others, not to mention the remarkable chance to discuss primary texts with one’s colleagues and, in many cases, former professors-turned-colleagues during the sessions themselves.

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