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Discussion Series

The Center for Hellenic Studies offers web-based seminars through on-line lecture and discussion series. Such series are part of the Center’s mission to promote the study of Hellenic Civilization and to engage as wide an audience as possible. To this end, this planned series and all future offerings will be free of charge and open to the public. Previous experience with ancient Greek literature or history is not required. There are no prerequisites, and all material will be available in English over the internet.

Please note that these series are all non-credit educational offerings. The CHS does not offer courses for any sort of institutional credit nor does it charge fees for courses. Neither the CHS nor any of its partners can provide acknowledgement or certification of participation by individuals in the CHS lecture and discussion series. Although the CHS is part of Harvard University, the CHS does not award degrees or certificates. The CHS also does not offer these discussion series with the goal of providing course material to institutions wishing to charge fees for or provide certification for distance education courses.