Discussion Series: Athenian Law Lectures

Athenian Law Timeline

Athenian Law
Other Athenian History
  632: Cylon fails to establish tyranny in Athens
621/20: Drakon’s laws  
594/93: Solon’s reforms  
  546: Peisistratos establishes tyranny
508/7: Cleisthenes’ reforms; establishment of democracy  
  490: Battle of Marathon
487/6: Nine archons henceforth chosen by lot  
  480-79: Xerxes’ invasion; battles of Thermopylae, Artimisium;       Salamis and Plataea
  478: Creation of Delian League
462: Ephialtes’ reforms (reduced powers of Areiopagus)  
451/0: Perikles’s citizenship law c. 450: Athenians and Persians make peace
440’s: Introduction of jury pay by Perikles  
  431: beginning of Peloponnesian War (431-404)
c. 430: Earliest fragments of speeches composed by logographer       (Antiphon) 429: Death of Perikles
c. 425: Cleon raises jury pay two obols per day  
  415-413: Sicilian Expedition
415: First attested graphê paranomôn  
411: Trial and death of Antiphon 411: Oligarchic revolution of the 400
410: Codification Board (anagrapheis tôn nomôn)       begins work, led by Nikomachus  
409/8: Reinscription of Drakon’s homocide law  
404: Reinscription of laws completed 404: Battle of Aegispotamoi (defeat of Athens)
403/2: Teisamenos’ decree; ratification of lawcode; establishment       of nomothetai supervising legislation; nomoi and psêphsimata       distinguished 403: Thirty tyrants in Athens; democracy restored same       year
399: Trial of Socrates 395-387: Cornithian War
385/84: Birth of Demosthenes  
378/7: Introduction of pinakia for jury selection. 377: Establishment of Second Athenian Naval Confederacy
c. 375: Witnesses no longer give oral testimony in court;       instead, clerk henceforth reads statements given in advance of trial.  
  371-362: Theban hegemony
366: Demosthenes prosecutes guardians  
  356: Beginning of Sacred War
  348: Philip captures of Olynthus
345: Against Timarkhos trial (Aes. 1) 346: End of Sacred War
343: On the False Embassy trial (Dem. 19; Aes. 2)  
  338: Battle of Chaeronia; end of Athenian autonomy
330: On the Crown trial (Aes. 3; Dem. 18)  
322: Demosthenes convicted in Harpalos affair.