Empowerment Through Education in Prisons

This open roundtable discussion brings together different experiences and ideas on teaching humanities to residents within prisons, domestically and abroad. We will also hear the perspective of a re-entering citizen after decades behind bars. Read more

In Memoriam: Gloria Ferrari Pinney

The Center for Hellenic Studies is deeply saddened by the loss of Gloria Pinney, former Senior Fellow (2000-2006, and 2016-2021), Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, Emerita at Harvard University. Read more

In Memoriam : Kurt A. Raaflaub

The Center for Hellenic Studies would like to express our sincerest condolences to the family of the late Kurt A. Raaflaub, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Brown University, CHS Fellow in 1976-1977, and co-director of the Center for Hellenic Studies from 1992-2000 alongside his wife, Deborah Boedeker. Read more

Пайдейя и культ: христианская инициация по Феодору Мопсуестийскому

Эта книга является переводом на русский язык книги Даниэля Л. Шварца — доцента факультета религиоведения, заместителя директора Центра цифровых гуманитарных исследований Техасского университета A&M (США). Автор обращается к феномену христианской пайдейи, акцентировав внимание на катехизации — понятии, которое было связано не только с глаголами «слушать» и «повторять», но и с… Read more

Kyklos 2023

Kyklos is a program that represents an ever-regenerated discourse on the Greek Epic Cycle (Greek Kyklos) and it is devoted to new and developing scholarship on the subject. Read more