Cultural Heritage Preservation

The students of Geology at the University of Patras, enrolled in the course "Protection of Geological, Geographical and Human Heritage" and their tutors will discuss with our Fellows in Hellenic Studies about Heritage Preservation and its multiple perspectives. Read more

Grant Applications: Now Open

The CHS is opening applications for the following grants: Grants for Student Projects in Hellenic Studies, Grants for Research in Greece, and Grants for Course Development Initiatives. Read more

Free Speech, the First Amendment, and Parrhesia

No one has done more to shape legal interpretation of the first amendment than Floyd Abrams. Yet when Abrams litigated Citizens United, some proponents of free speech thought that this just gave big money the biggest voice.  Read more

50 Years of the Metapolitefsi

Earlier this month, our Director, Mark Schiefsky, members from the CHS and our sister institution CHS Greece, and graduates of the CHS Greece High School Summer Program participated in the 3-day conference "50 Years of the Metapolitefsi". Read more

The Iliad and the Oral Epic Tradition

The Iliad reveals a traditional oral poetic style, but many researchers believe that the poem cannot be treated as solely a product of oral tradition. In The Iliad and the Oral Epic Tradition, Karol Zieliński argues that neither Homer’s unique artistry nor references to events known from other songs necessarily indicate the use of writing… Read more