The Iliad and the Oral Epic Tradition

The Iliad reveals a traditional oral poetic style, but many researchers believe that the poem cannot be treated as solely a product of oral tradition. In The Iliad and the Oral Epic Tradition, Karol Zieliński argues that neither Homer’s unique artistry nor references to events known from other songs necessarily indicate the use of writing… Read more

Genocide in Ancient Greece?

Join us on Friday, November 17 at 11:00 a.m. for a roundtable discussion about genocide in antiquity, particularly Ancient Greece. Is genocide a purely modern concept and action, or has it been happening for millennia? Read more

Пайдейя и культ: христианская инициация по Феодору Мопсуестийскому

науч. ред. В. К. Пичугиной, пред. В. К. Пичугиной, З. А. Лурье, пер. З. А. Лурье. — СПб.: Изд-во РХГА, 2023. — 264 с. — (Серия «Paideia»). Эта книга является переводом на русский язык книги Даниэля Л. Шварца — доцента факультета религиоведения, заместителя директора Центра цифровых гуманитарных исследований Техасского университета A&M (США). Автор… Read more


In Memoriam: Gloria Ferrari Pinney

The Center for Hellenic Studies is deeply saddened by the loss of Gloria Ferrari Pinney, former Senior Fellow (2000-2006, and 2016-2021), Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, Emerita at Harvard University. Read more