Fellows Update – Yannis Galanakis, 2014/2015 Kress Lecturer for the AIA

I was really struck by the fact that we still know very little about the people who were involved in the trafficking of all these ancient objects that today adorn museums in Europe and the US. They all have amazing personal stories.” –Yannis Galanakis
The CHS Team is happy to share some exciting news from former fellow Yannis Galanakis (D.Phil. Oxford). Yannis is currently a Samuel H. Kress Lecturer in Ancient Art for the AIA (2014/2015). His lecture tour through the southern and western United States commences on March 24, 2015 at College Station in Texas. “The Diplomat, the Dealer and the Digger: Writing the History of the Antiquities Trade in 19th Century Greece”, one of the lectures he will give during the tour, is an extension of the work he completed as fellow at the Center during the fall of 2012 [you can read the abstract here].
Yannis (D.Phil. Oxford) is Lecturer in Classics (Greek Prehistory) and Director of the Museum of Classical Archaeology in the Faculty of Classics; and also Fellow and Director of Studies in Classics at Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. His diverse research interests include the archaeology and art of Bronze and Early Iron Age Aegean, mortuary archaeology and the history of the antiquities trade. His most recent publications include The Aegean World. A Guide to the Cycladic, Minoan and Mycenaean Collections in the Ashmolean Museum (Ashmolean Museum and Kapon Editions, 2013) and ΑΘΥΡΜΑΤΑ: Critical Essays on the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honour of E. Susan Sherratt (Archaeopress, 2014). He is currently preparing a monograph for Cambridge University Press entitled The Antiquities Trade in Nineteenth-Century Greece. Visit the University of Cambridge website for a full list of Dr. Galanakis’ key publications.
While at the Center in 2012, Dr. Galanakis gave an interview on Kleos@CHS to Claudia Filos, CHS Manager for Curriculum and Community Development. He talked about his range of interests and experience at the Center as well as his work on the Sir Arthur Evans Archive and the accompanying online digital archive of Linear B tablets. You can read some of his research on the antiquities trade on the CHS Research Bulletin.

Yannis at the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, Greece
Yannis at the Archaeological Museum of Thebes, Greece